Picture Perfect

This morning started me off in a bit of a whirlwind. Having stayed up last night and trying to force myself to sleep when I was wide awake and hyper made getting up this morning impossible. Also being 7 degrees outside made my bed, my stuffed cuddle toy and water bottle all that much harder to leave behind.

I slept in until 6:07am and ran from the bed to the shower after I turned the alarm off. Continued with my normal routine, (I’m all into routines) and finally at 7:01am walked outside to meet the 7:05am bus to take myself to work for the day.

As I do every day before leaving the unit, I attach my Pokewalker and Work ID badge to my left hip and grab my gym bag and leave the unit for the day. So, I know I’ve put my badge on today. I know I have been at a bus stop, on a BCC Bus and walked from the platform through the hospital to the oncology department where I work. Where could it be? And if someone finds it will they ever hand it in?

I now have limited access to a lot of departments within oncology. I start a new job in just over a weeks time and I can request a new Id badge then. The real shame is my picture was perfect. Can I pull off a perfect picture again?

Mars on Life.