Simon’s Search for True Love ~ Sleep with myself

Simon danced with her for a while, swaying on the dance floor.  Simon had already decided in his mind he was not going to take her home, he didn’t even know her last name.

Simons been around the world a thousand times searching for true love.   His heart has been swept away on distant shores.   Simons bedded down with angels and the conclusion is always the same, making love is always grand, but eventually love ends, and his sick of losing the game.   Simon will leave her alone tonight, and go sleep by himself tonight.

Simon whispered into her ear, “I’d rather sleep with myself tonight. Where no one else can harm me baby. Although I’m quite fond of you, my best intentions never turn out right. I’d rather sleep with myself tonight”.

She held Simons hand and lead him to a booth. “Simon why?”

“I’m not saying I won’t love again, but couldn’t we just talk for a while?… With the information age things are just moving so fast, seems like love is something of the past… Modern girls have one thing on their mind, before you finish your second drink, you’re in the cab and then you’re in my bed. So lets hold off on the sex play, I don’t even know your last name…”

She leaned over and kissed Simon on the cheek, and whispered in his ear.   Taking his hand she lead Simon outside the club and hailed a cab.

“I’d rather sleep with myself tonight….I’d rather sleep with myself” Simon repeated as they entered the cab.

Short Story Based on Lyrics of Sleep with myself by Prozzak.