Duckie Shaped Icecream

Today I resigned from my current position held at the hospital. My manager hit the roof in frustration and a bit of anger.

Other than the managers negative response to myself really wanting a new start to my life, all my friends, family and work colleagues have been super supportive and excited for me.

The last 6 months have been pretty hard on me. Finding out I was really sick with my thyroid crashing for the first time since I was diagnosed when I was 11 and also going through a rough patch with my ex partner earlier this year, did not really help me getting better at all. I also did not want people knowing I was super sick, so I kept to myself a lot.

Now that I’m 100% better than ever before, I’m myself again and even a better person due to the amazing amount of life lessons that I’ve learnt. I’m back to the super positive girl I’ve always been deep down inside ready to roar. Bring on the cocktails šŸ˜›

My new job is working in the Physio Department in the same hospital. My new line manager appears like a really nice happy positive person and a straight shooter. I’ll be in a front desk position were every patient will get to see my stunning smile everyday.

I’m pretty excited that my friends want to go celebrate my new position this Friday night with dinner out at a pizza restaurant in Ascot. I’ll also get ice cream afterwards! I think I’ll try the duckie shaped ice cream out this time… From the children’s menu, there so cute. I know! Get over it! I’ll grow up completely one day… But not today!

Mars on Life šŸ™‚