The Sleep Over

Saturday night I slept over K & G’s place for the night.  They held a fabulous dinner party for a girlfriend’s partners birthday celebrations.   Great night and company all round.  As the night went on I found myself barely able to keep my eyes open.   I un-politely asked when desert would be served so I could have some before heading to my designated sleeping quarters for the night.   I love Pavlova and really wanted to have some to eat to finish my night off.

I munched down the honeycomb Pavlova, (I don’t even like honeycomb flavor) and headed to bed after giving everyone at the table a good night hug.   While trying to get myself comfortable and ready to sleep I could still hear discussions going on at the table just outside the bedroom.   I heard something about my new iPad being discussed as a phone.   Very drowsy I rolled over and thought to myself, “you just have no idea what you’re missing out on not owning an iPad” and fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later about 2am and was a bit confused with my surroundings.   So confused I walked into the wall when deciding to take a trip go the bathroom.  That’s right… I’m not at home…not at all.   Going back to bed I slept for a few more hours until about 5:15am.  I was laying awake in bed thinking my god I need to sleep more when my SMS tone rang.   Oh! Brodie has written back to me saying his in San Fransisco, I laid in bed with my eyes closed thinking about the beautiful city I visited 10 odd years ago and how fantastic a time he must be having there.  I went back to sleep.

My iPhone rang.  It’s father calling at 8:30 am.  OMG have I actually slept in this much today?   I felt as though I had tossed and turned all night.  Even the bed spread had evidence of this reckless night of sleep.

I’ve always found it hard to sleep over some ones place at first.  Normally I would have a good night sleep where I stayed on Saturday night, but its been 5 months since I slept in that bed alone.  My body was not happy with me for getting my pillow, at least I had my Dalmatian Puppy to cuddle to sleep in my arms.

Mars on Life.