My Manly Side

What do I always do when I’m annoyed about things. Clean. I was feeling angry and when I’m angry it’s best that just grab a cleaning tool and let myself go for an hour.

The tool:- Massive garden clippers.

Recently my flatmate and I have been discussing ways to improve our little bachelor and bachelorette pad. One idea is to cut branches off the trees outside to let more sunshine through to the main living part of our unit. Today in all my pent-up anger I took the clippers and started cutting away. Snapping off every branch within my reach. With such artistic focus and determination I cut those branches down and tossing them on my leaf pile.

There is now more light shining down in the backyard and even the lounge room has more sunlight shinning through the curtains. I’m impress with my manly tool handling. So impressed I posted a photo of my efforts.

Mars on Life.