Tis the time of the season

This morning I was having a merry old-time sitting on the bus stop bench swinging my legs back and forth as though I was a child on a swing. Hands gripping the bench on either side of me. Patiently waiting for my bus to whisk me off to work today.

I hailed the bus as it crawled up the street and around the corner. As I got on I saw the bus driver had a scarf on, wished him good morning and took my usual seat.

I arrived at the RBWH bus stop and hoped off the bus, walked down the ramp to the main hospital building that I take a short cut through the cafe to work. Another man with a scarf on waiting for his coffee…interesting.

I continued to skip along the staff only corridor only to be caught by a food services guy that always goes out of his way to say hello to me.

Now it’s lunch time, I’m currently sitting in the staff only tea room and there are 2 male medical students wearing scarfs eating their lunch.

Since when did men wear scarfs? I have been wearing one every day for about a month now. I’m a girl, it’s trendy for me to wear one, and the warmth factors in to.

Now I can’t decide if I think these males look gay or sexy. If they look too well coordinated with their outfit they look gay. But casual scarf is sexy. The sexier more casual look fills my mind with naughty ideas involving pulling them around by the scarf to come have some naughty fun behind closed doors…. That wasn’t very blunt at all!

Then again I have always said that men showing that they are cold eg. Hands in pockets and hunched over, shivering, and generally saying “I’m cold” are signs of weakness and unattractive. If you can not keep yourself warm, how will you keep me warm.

Mars on Life.

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