The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I’ll start with the bad so I will be able to finish this blog on a happy note 🙂

The Bad

Today as some people know I had a meeting set up with my Manager to discuss the extension of my Contract.

Firstly, my sick leave this year was brought up. I explained to her about the crash of my thryiod, and all the other things that go along with it. Some details I haven’t even told friends. Even the fact the last month I have finally felt my complete self again now that all my thryiod levels are perfect, an I’m enjoying being at work again instead of being fustrated all the time as I felt I was not retaining any information people were teaching me.

Second, my contract has only been extended to 30 July 2010, and is unsure of extension since there are staff that may be returning from extended leave, projects, and even my performance will not have any effect on an extension.

Third, I ate a chicken pie at lunch.

The Good

First, today I heard back from the landlord that I am in fact allowed to paint that gross poo coloured feature wall any colour I like! The wall is my rainbow! I’m personally thinking a awesome blue colour but will start looking at colours over the weekend. I do have a certain colour in mind. And will use next weekend to get started on painting.

Second, I have been able to lock in a date for my friends Hen’s night for September and my birthday celebrations in August. And have also picked a place for my Birthday dinner that I haven’t been to since my 21st birthday. Both nights are going to be wonderful.

Third, I have got a interview on Monday afternoon with the physio department at work for a 3 month contract with possibility of extension. Very exciting and good timing on the call as it was 30 minutes after I got the bad news on my current one.

And The Ugly…. My hair! currently I need to straighten it 😛

Mars on Life.