Shake, Shake, Shake

Today is to be the final day of The Biggest Loser Shake Diet. Since the new year I gave myself two goals:-

1. Start wearing my glasses everyday, everywhere unless sleeping; and

2. Drop my weight down to what was my average weight in high school of 55kg.

This morning I jumped out of the shower and began to dry myself. I spotted the scales. Being naked and on a empty stomach I decided to jump them. After having put on 1kg last week from being sick, of which I most problerbly was just bloated from illness, I still wasn’t impressed with myself.

57kg! I’m happy again! Only 2kg left.

So tomorrow I will start adding low calorie foods to my diet instead of the breakfast and lunch shakes and see if I will be able to shake the last two with exercise and eating healthy.

Mars on Life.