Simon’s Search for True Love ~ Tsunami ~ Part One

It was 1983, Simon was on night patrol duty with his close friend Milo aboard the Aircraft Carrier UUS Ranger just off the East Coast of China. They had joined the service together 2 years prior.

The following morning Simon and Milo would have their chance to cross the sea to Hong Kong by boat with fellow sailors. The weather was looking quiet grim, the ocean winds and rain where so strong Simon and Milo kept close to the ships exterior walls.

Suddenly the carrier’s warning sirens roared too life, and without further warning, an enormous tidal wave hit the deck, engulfing Simon and all that stood in its way, sweeping him overboard.

Laid on his back upon the beach. Slowly opening his eyes. A beautiful Chinese girl was leaning over him staring into his deep brown eyes, with a slight smile. The wind and rain had disappeared, leaving Simon blind from the bright Sun bearing down around the girl’s body. Her hand reached out to help Simon to his feet.

“Who are you?” Simon asked, taking her hand and rising to his feet, feeling shaken.

“Tsunami” she replies, “We are on Hong Kong’s Beach”.

Simon did not question how he had survived the tidal wave and jow he came to be swept ashore on Hong Kong’s beach. Simon was now lost in Tsunami’s beauty, her long dark brown hair and deep dark eyes. There Simon was, a soldier falling in love as he first walked arm in arm through Lan Kwai Fong with Tsunami. A romance had just begun and Simon was drowning in a wave of ecstasy from Tsunami’s beauty and nature.

Simon spent the following three days by the water with Tsunami. Talking, laughing, kissing, rolling in the sand, swimming out to sea. Simon had almost forgotten his romance with Europa.

Europa had haunted every memory he had of love. Simon had joined the service to travel round the world just to forget that girl, only too meet a new girl from Hong Kong.

Simon found that Tsunami was a very strong swimmer. Tsunami would convince Simon he could swim to the surrounding Ryukyu Islands off the East Coast. The water was always on the pairs side pushing them further and further out to sea, finding themselves closer and closer to the islands.

On the third day Tsunami wished to go to the Hong Kong market place to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables before sun down. While walking through the markets holding her hand Simon heard his name called in a loud familiar voice. Simon stopped walking and turned around.


Milo struggled through the crowded market place, pushing market goers
aside with apologies. Milo was a tall man compared to Simon’s small
stance. Milo was a typical solider structure with a jaw line to match. Only his golden sandy hair showed his more sensitive natured side.

“Simon! What are you doing here? I – we thought you were dead! We searched for you after the storm passed. I thought you had drowned when the tidal wave swept you overboard. How did you end up in Hong Kong? – alive?”, asking as he finally approached Simon through the crowds, happy to see his friend alive.

“Milo. I met a girl she is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. She saved me from the storm. Tsunami this is my friend Mi-“.

Simon turned around noticing for the first time she was not standing beside him. He searched with his eyes through the markets fruit and vegetables stands for Tsunami. At that moment Simon realised the hand he had been holding hers with was covered in salt water droplets that smelled like Tsunami.

Milo following Simon’s searching of the markets for Tsunami had to convinced Simon into coming back to the ship with him that afternoon. Milo promised on each of there days off duty they would search Hong Kong far and wide for Simons love. With good intentions Milo wanted his best friend safe where he could keep an eye on him, worried that Simon may have suffered from a terrible concussion.

Milo organized over the radio phone for the onboard doctor to attend to Simon upon arrival for a check up worrying that Simon may have injured himself more than he knew.

“Officer Simon is in fine health. I have requested a week off duty for him to rest”, the doctor reported to Officer Milo as he waited patiently outside his office.

Milo spent his time off that week with Simon in their sleeping quarters. They played cards, discussed the war, listened to a radio station in a foreign language, anything to pass the time. As each day passed Simon appeared lonelier, more depressed and would only speak of his short time spent with Tsunami.

Simons first day back on duty was an overcast day. Winds swirled, the waves thrashed the Carriers hull like bludgeons on a forehead. Milo stayed by Simon’s side all day, worried that while the weather was behaving so badly it may sweep his friend away, again….

To Be Continued….

Short Story Based on Lyrics of Tsunami by Prozzak.