I think I’m in Love.

This afternoon on my friend Scott’s advice I visited the electrical department at Myers, Chermside Shopping Centre to have my first hands on interaction with the “Drum Roll Please”  iPad.

YES! I’m excited! (God I sound like Steve Irwin), I really, really wont one now. I must own one now.  I was able to surf the net in store, even download an App to the Home Screen.  I would also be able to continue my Blog on it via its very own iPad App.

I’m so excited about watching my downloads in my bed, and just in general being awesome all the time with my iPad.  I’ll be looking super cute in my pink PJ’s and Blogging away in my warm and snug bed.  I will be with my two loves in bed then, cheating on my water-bottle with the iPad.

So… The $629 now is the problem.  I have no idea currently how my job is going to hold up.  BUT do have a meeting finally with my manager tomorrow to discuss my career or at least how long my contract has actually been extended.

Good news that I did hear at work today is one of our staff members is going to a different department for 6 months to cover another lady’s maternity leave.  Which is good as it means they WILL need me around to at least replace her absent, but then I may have to go back to the weekly rotational roster of doing the following shifts:-

7:15am – 3:45pm – I Love this shift

8:00am – 4:30 –  I Like this shift

9:00 – 5:30pm – I do not like this shift

And Finally…

1:15pm – 9:45pm – I dislike this shift…very much.

Now it’s not the work that each shift is allocated to do, that is not the problem.  I’m happy to do any work that is required of me in any department.  It’s the hours of work.

I’m an early bird, sleeping in on weekends comes as a real shock to me.  If I wake up on a weekend after 7am and I’m not hung over I will go into cardiac arrest!

I love that the past 2 months I have been able to come in at 7:15am and leave at 3:45pm daily.  I have time to go to gym, shop at Chermside after work, and still get home before it is too dark.

So hopefully tomorrow it is not demanded of me to rejoin the rotational roster and that I have a job for at least 3-6 months.

So Mr iPad….. Tax Cheque it will be.  I am thinking the iPad will be my big splurge for the year.

Mars on Life.

3 thoughts on “I think I’m in Love.

  1. Did you check out iWork on it? It’s worth having a try on the keyboard and a muck about with it’s word processor.

  2. When I say keyboard, I mean the on-screen one. I actually already have a keyboard (physical) that would be compatible with it.

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