Simon’s Search for True Love ~ Strange Disease

Day One

I am a little sexually frustrated, combined with complete lack of motivation.  Lost all concentration.  I can not concentrate on work, my libido’s gone berserk.  I’m sweating through my shirt.

Two weeks ago she said she’d never leave me.  Here I am alone in this world of reckless happenstance.  Why do good things have to go away?  She left me with nothing.  Left me with nothing.


Day Two

I’ve got hyper emotional sensations.  I’m unaffected by locations.  I can not seem to sleep, want nothing to eat.  I’ve been walking up and down her street.

“Minnie Mae!!!”  My libido’s gone berserk.


Day Three

Simon is sitting at his laptop, MSN window appears:-

Minni Mae is online.

Simon – What have I done?

Minni Mae – Why did you have to put so much pressure on me?  You pushed my heart away.

Simon – I didn’t mean to scare you little one.  Is there nothing I can say?  Please don’t leave me with nothing, you left me with nothing.

Minni Mae is offline.


Day Four

I’m standing in the rain, water soaking through my brain.  Walking up and down your street, every droplet speaks your name.  Its driving me insane.  I don’t want to go to work.

But, only two weeks ago, she said she’d never leave me.  Here I am alone.  Without you.  You left me with nothing, yes she left me with nothing.

I’ve got a strange disease.


Day Forty-Five

Something is wrong with me, I still cant seem to get to sleep.  Nothing is what it seems.

I am passing with time. Planning a crime of stealing your heart away from you.

Words tumble out of me, careless and clumsily.  I wonder if I were to write her a rhyme if that would convince her to marry me.

Yeah I’ve got a strange disease.


Short Story Based on Lyrics of Strange Disease & Simon’s Final Thought by Prozzak.