When Vampire’s Come Out to Play

Saturday night I was lucky enough to spend a fantastic night with my group of friends down the Gold Coast with a dinner and show at Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant.

We saw the brand new production of Black Blood. BLACK BLOOD is a retro Goth comedy show, featuring vampire themed variety acts that spring straight out of South London’s popular electro rock era of the 1980’s. The show oozes with gold spandex, black lace and wicked satire as it rips into modern culture with fangs bared and a healthy appetite for laughter.

The aerial rendition of Florence and the Machine’s Drumming Song is by far the highlight of the show. As the black leather and chain-clad singer soars above the stage and the drummer abseils from one side of his specially designed drum kit to the other.

I was not fond of the Lady Gaga and Elton John skit. This skit disturbed me and was the only part of the event that I did not applaud to afterwards.

I was amazed by the puppetry. The Ramsay’s Cooking Nightmare Skit was hilarious and as someone who is not even a Ramsay Fan I found myself in stitches over the food fight. I’ve always been a big fan of bright lights and neon colour’s shinning in the dark and this skit sure had my eyes engulphed.

The 3 course meal was good. I enjoyed the desert the most. Personally loving the ice cream and berries. Desert was served in the chocolate coffin as picturered above.

My main was the Vegetarian raviolli with napolian sauce served in a monkey skull bowl. It was quiet off-putting eating the meal as I felt as if I was eating a monkey’s brains. The inside joke is that Vegetarian’s do not eat meat 😉

I would recommend everyone to at least once visit Dracula’s. Bring a wad of gold with you as well as the cocktails looked amazing and worth the splurge.

Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate. – Jack Sparrow.

Mars on Life.