Dude! Where’s My Blog?

Over the past month I’ve found that not much at all seems to be holding my attention for too long. I’ve become fidgety, restless and not as interested in things I use to love so much.

Pokemon – I have not touched the current game I’m playing for over a month. I’ve reached a point in the game where I should be so excited that I am about to add two more legendary Pokémon to my vast collection. I can not seem to be bothered, or I don’t have the time.

Deep down inside am I growing up. I’ve always had a fondness for Pokémon and have always had a strong motto of “Gotta catch ’em all”. Have I reached a point in my life where I’ve had enough of that part of me with high expectations of catching them all.

Reading – I’m not sure if my lack of love for reading has disappeared because of the terrible book I currently carry around. It was one of those books recommended by a website from other books I listed as having enjoyed reading. I wish another Percy Jackson book would appear and fill my life with some reading joy again.

Tv shows – I have been of cause keeping up with a lot of my fan favourites. Lost, how I met your mother, desperate housewives. Only this week while being home sick have I been getting back to some much missed tv characters and catching up again. Castle, incredibly sexy and roughly handsome man! 24, my most favourite action tv show ever which I have found out won’t be coming back for a 9th season. I’ve started watching The Big Bang Theory, which I’ve taken a liking to Sheldon the Super Nerd of the group. He does own a Cylon toaster.

Blogging – would you believe that even blogging has taken a step back for me. I cracked the sh*ts with the iPhone application I was using and now do not blog so much on the bus anymore. I’ve been listening to music by B.O.B and Black eyed peas. Only this morning I had a thought – ‘write a blog, see if the application works’. I am happy I did as finally getting to write something again on my way to work is already making today a great day.

My blog may not be getting any better, but it will still be in Action!

Mars on life.