Living on Mars

A computer generated image of a super-greenhouse gas factory on Mars.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in outta space or to explore the great galaxies of the ever explaining universe?

Unless you have a couple of million to take a flight into outta space or you are an astronaut you will never be presented with a chance in your lifetime or your children’s, children’s lifetimes to take these grand adventures.

Scientists are putting ideas in place in preparations of preparing the red planet Mars in hopes that one day in the very far away future it will be a livable planet that humans can survive upon.

To do this scientist first have to find a way to get to the red planet, survive on Mars cruel surface and continue to pollute the planet over millions of years.

One trip to and from Mars can take over 3 years to complete. With an estimated time of 22 months of preparations before any shuttle has even left the earths surface.

There are also other issues that need to be resolved first. One is the astronauts suits. They will need to be able to handle object without difficulty, and also not collect the fine dust of Mars that is brought back with them from every trip outside, so that the inter living station is not polluted.

Will we ever make it to Mars. I do not have any doubts that one day Mankind will one day take steps on Mars. My only wish is that it was during my own lifetime.

Mars on Life.