Russell Crowe – Robin Hood

Tonight. Yes Tonight. I went and saw Robin Hood directed by Ridley Scott at Stafford AMC. Well. What a waste of time. I did not walk out of this movie as I finally came to the decission that even though the entire script was a pile of miss-sorted un-researched crap where most of the scenes could have been cut. I was in fact going to be warmer in the Movie Theater than outside.  I spent 2 and a half hours playing with my hair, trying to understand how Ridley Scott could do such a monstrosity to one of my favorite characters.
Now, I am not particularly a fan of Russell Crowe.  Never have been, and really do not intend starting to be one.  I am defiantly a Hugh Jackman fan threw and threw when it comes to Australian Actors making it big time.
Below is a list of Russell Crowe movies I have actually had the ‘pleasure’ of watching:-
  1. Robin Hood (2010) …. Robin Longstride – Boring.
  2. American Gangster (2007) …. Richie Roberts – So Boring I walked out of this movie and went home in a Taxi.
  3. A Good Year (2006) …. Max Skinner – Reasonably okay, Russell pretty much played an arrogant prick.
  4. Cinderella Man (2005) …. Jim Braddock – Title Says it all.
  5. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) …. Capt. Jack Aubrey – OMG What a terrible film!
  6. A Beautiful Mind (2001) …. John Nash – Good acting, Good script and great supporting actors.
  7. Proof of Life (2000) …. Terry Thorne – Boring
  8. Gladiator (2000) …. Maximus – I really can not stand this film at all.  If I ever have another partner make me sit down and watch this I will personally throw him too the LIONS!
  9. L.A. Confidential (1997) …. Bud White – I actually do not remember Russell in this but it was a good movie.
  10. The Silver Brumby (1993) …. The Man – One of the many movies my Nanna took my brother and I to as a child, I remember enjoying it, that would mostly have been because of the Horses. I was a young girl.
  11. Romper Stomper (1992) …. Hando – What a fantastic movie! It is as good if not better than American History X.

So out of 11 Movies about 2 1/2 actually get a yes from me on the worth seeing scale.  Robin Hood is not one of these films.  Rotten Tomatoes has added up the reviews with 45% of reviewers actually saying to go see this film.

This movie is what’s wrong with Hollywood these days – it tells no story, offers no new insight into the characters and is all about putting everybody into the positions you’d rather have seen them in at in the beginning of the film. The film is 140 minutes long, and it ends at the part where things are just starting to get interesting. The next installment of the Ridley Scott Robin Hood story that comes after this one, looks like a lot of fun to watch. Maybe even Friar Tuck might actually get a chance to shine.

If you were to go see Robin Hood not knowing the title, and if you did not pay close attention to a couple of the characters’ names.  Its is possible to not even realize this is a Robin Hood movie.  This is how terrible the script is.

I will give Ridley Scott a few good comments.  The scenery was perfect for the time period. Costumes had great attention to detail.

Even though I am not all about the ‘Love Story’ part of most movies. In a way I am glad that this Love Story was kept to a minimum and there were no sex scenes between the leading actors.  Yet, I can not believe that pretending someone is your husband and riding around a feild a few times would really make myself as a lady want to rush into battle on a horse with a sword to help my new love and fake husband win in battle and nearly drown to death in the process. There was not enough romance to come close to justifying these actions.

Robin Hood gets 2 out of 5 Stars. Thats being generous!

Mars on Life.