Juggling Lesson’s 1.5 & 2

Juggling  Lesson 1.5

Wednesday night my Juggling friend and I ordered Thai take out and after eating dinner proceed to make me practice for an hour while he managed to watch channel Ten’s Master Chief from the couch.  Some Mr Important French Cooking Person was on the show that night.

After finally getting my rhythm back with only juggling one ball, my friend proceeded to teach me how to juggle two.  I was finding this much harder.  After several hundred drops to the ground and many near misses of the juggling balls landing in my poor un-expecting fish’s tanks I was finding myself improving.  I was able to make conversation while juggling, and found that my concentrating was much better as I went on.

Until Juno the movie came on Ten and I had to take a seat on the couch and watch that instead. Plus my arms were hurting a lot at this stage of the night from such awesome juggling skills.

Juggling  Lesson 2

We arrived at 6:00 p.m. to find that our class has shrunk from 8 to 4 people and our instructor Olivia attending this week.  I actually found this a benefit to me as I was feeling I would need the extra attention from missing the previous weeks class due to a tummy bug.

Straight away I did my leg warm ups. I tend to spend half of my time in class bending over to pick up balls I have dropped from the ground. I am going to have a more awesome bottom one day.

First, I practiced with one ball again.  This was working fine, I do still need to learn not to grab the ball, but wait for it to land in my hand. I am too impatient.

Second, I practice my two ball juggling.  This is going pretty smoothly, yet I do need to remember to replace my hands after throwing and throw the balls a little bit higher in the air and more smoothly.

Third. I have started to learn juggling three balls.  I am finding this very tricky as my brain can not seem to keep up with the momentum of three.  First of all I started to practice with just catching one out of three balls.  Slowly moving myself up the ladder to catching two of three.  I managed to do this about a handful of times before class ended at 7:00 p.m.

Our instructor tried a two person juggle exercise with me were we both stand next two each other with one hand behind our back and use the other to juggle with.  Considering I am right-handed I was finding it very strange that my left hand had more co-ordination then my right when it came to catching and throwing in this exercise.  With my left hand successfully doing 12 catches and throws in a row and my right hand could only manage about 6-7.

Today I have now ordered three juggling balls so that I have my very own set to practice with in about a weeks time when they arrive in the post.

I have so far really enjoyed my time at juggling lesson’s and actually can not believe how confident I am becoming in something I would never actually imagine giving a go in the first place if it wasn’t for my friend.

Now all I need is everyone to stop asking me “When are you going to join the circus?” when I tell them I have juggling class on a Thursday night.

Mars on Life.