I was walking around DFO with a friend over the weekend and I hear The Jackson 5 song ABC.  Immediately I want to start dancing like an idiot through the shopping centre.

Later that night I was at Fridays with another friend and ABC starts playing in the club. How often would you hear this song twice in one day, considering how old it is. More Michael Jackson starts to play for the next 15 or so minutes in a DJ Mix. All fantastic songs that I love hearing.

After a couple of drinks at Fridays and dancing to the top 40. We decided to leave and get some coffee at Chermside.  Arrived at Chermside Shopping Centre and grabbed a coffee each and settled down inside the cafe to chat some more.

“did I just hear ABC?”

The music was coming from the Beach Bar and Grill right next door. My friend stated ‘that people do not realise what they do not have until its gone’, in regard to Michael Jackson’s Death.  This is too true.

The things that I have not realised I actually missed so much until this weekend when I finally got a chance to spend time with my friends.  I have been missing spending time with them. I had a wonderful time this weekend spending time with the girls Sarah, Kyla and Karly, and watching the boys Johnny, Grant and Craigy burn their mouths off at the Great Chilli Burger Challenge on Saturday night.

I am very much looking forward to spending more time with my group of friends in the future.

Bring on the weekends!

Mars on Life.