Over my head

The past week has been full on.  Not in a bad way, I have been busy with work, getting my fitness together, organising a flat-mate and being overly social.

Now its Monday the 3rd of May and its Crunch time!  I have less than 30 days to either:

1. Have my Contract at work renewed for at least 3 months; or

2. Find a new Government or Private Working sector full-time employment.

Pretty much I’m feeling rather freaked out about the above ideas.  My mum seems to be taking the lead on freaking out the most.  She has the idea its her soul responsibility to look after me and pay my bills and rent if I become unemployed at the end of the month.

My mother has already gone as far as paying out the remainder of my Personal Loan that I did have, just in case I do become unemployed .  I will have to pay her back at 10% interest instead of the 20% the bank was charging. That’s a Win.

Even with my Crossed arms, Crooked Smile and Death-staring eyes looking at her she would not budge that this needed to be done.

Mum also had her thinking cap on yesterday.  Opening me a ING Direct savings account online. This is for me to deposit the payments I owe into the savings account so I am able to earn 5% interest on the funds and once I have the total lump sum I owe, I will transfer it to mum.  Effectively reducing my actual final interest on my loan to 5%.

That’s sorted….

Now the Employment part.  I’ve applied for every AO2 and AO3 Job at the RBWH, RCH, TPCH and also the PA.  Surely I will hear from somewhere about receiving an interview.  In the meantime I will continue to apply and play the wait game.

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