Juggleing Lessons

Last night I went for my very first Juggleing lesson with one of my good friends. It’s a 6 week course that I will be attending every Thursday night.

I’m not 100% sure why I said in the frist place that I would attend juggleing lessons. As a monkey would have better hand-eye co-ordination than myself. I could not even throw a ball straight in baseball as a child, how would I cope with three in the air!

At first I admit there were a lot of ‘I can’t do this’ as I was trying to learn technic on the first simple actions of How to Learn Juggleing.

I then changed my additude to ‘I can do this, just very badley an unco-ordinated’ . This way of thinking deftently made an improvement to my time at the class. I started to laugh at myself, and at others. I pretty much forced my friend to play the role of mirror image so I could focus better as watching people fail like myself is pretty distracting and funny.

Balls and all, I had a pretty good night that ended in pizza and a lot of laughs 😉

Mars on Life.