Sweet Dreams are made of these…

I got out of bed at 5:10am this morning after a terrible night of sleep.  Having been naughty and staying up late chatting on the internet to nearly 11pm.   I finally said goodbye and logged off after yawning a million times, fed the fishes and hoped into my nice and toasty bed.  I am in love with my water bottle right now.

I am sleeping alone, tossing an turning, waking up every time a cars lights light up my bedroom through the blinds.  I looked at my phone for the time at 1:17am, why am I awake?  I was tired.   Then I tried reading for 15mins, still yawning like a Snorlax.   I am actually tired and switch the light off and roll over.


I Could not get to sleep. Nothing was on my mind, I wasn’t worrying (unless I’m worried about not having yet cleaned my fishes tank, which is silly).

I lay there in bed awake.  I was a little cold and put on a jumper and hoped back to my bed.

More car lights shone through the blinds.   The wind was picking up outside which always reminds me  of that scary forest from Disney’s Snow White. Maybe a storm is coming, storms are scary and I was all alone.

I tossed and turned, even kicking my beloved water bottle out of the bed in case the heat was keeping me up. Then I was freezing.

I begin to hear birds. Yes birds. At 2:43am the birds are cheeping.  I am now getting frustrated, at mother nature.  The Sun has not even begun to rise and the Birds are singing a merry old song.

I lay in bed awake.  I started to think about when I was a child.  When I was unable to sleep, I would pretend a dome was surrounding me, like inside a planetarium, picturing Stars, planets, galaxies.  Sometimes horses flying through the skies.  Even the Care Bears, I would picture them sitting on there clouds in the sky and seeing me awake, the Care Bears would jump into there Rainbow Cars and fly on down to have some fun with me while the rest of my family slept in peace.

Then I heard a Duck….. My Alarm…….your kidding me?


That Duck Again! Quacking!

The day began with a very overly tired Danni.  Then my day only got worst, but that is another story.

Mars on Life.