The Great Flag Debate

Tonight Ray Martin on 60 minutes opened back up the interesting debate about keeping or changing the Australian Flag.

This debate comes up every year around either Australia day or ANZAC Day. Exactly like the QLD Daylight savings debate every summer…but we won’t go there just yet.

Tonight’s new focus for a change is that our men and women fought, and in too many cases gave their lives, was to safeguard Australia’s lifestyle and freedoms.  And one of those freedoms is the right to have an opinion.

Only 20% of Australian’s want to have the Australian Flag change.  I don’t want the Australian Flag to be changed myself.  What I really do not like is being reminded of Pauline Hanson draping the Australian Flag over her shoulders in her first campaign for One Nation.  I have never like the woman, I have always felt that she put a real damper on the Australian image.  No wonder other countries think Australians are one of the worlds most racist nations.

And Ray copped some personal abuse, as well for reopening the case. People are that passionate about the issue — on both sides.  The Great Flag Debate will continue through the generations until finally there is someone brave enough in parliament to put this long lasting issue to the Australian people for a vote.

When the voters of tomorrow had there say on tonight’s show, half do not want a change for many reason to do with how Australia came to be a Country and the other half wish for a change to show more of Australia’s culture and historical background.

Lets hope that someone can stand up to this continuing issue and represent Australia in the best light possible with a Beautiful flag that everyone would want to wave on Australia and ANZAC Day throughout Australia.

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One thought on “The Great Flag Debate

  1. I think that the Australian flag should not be changed, because it can cause fights and also dissapoint people. Most people are proud of the union jack, that represents Australia, and they are not very happy with the thought of it being changed. By changing the Australian flag it can confuse a variety of people.
    By TiAnA:)

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