Decision’s, Decision’s, Decision’s

Last weekend I started the great adventure to get a tattoo organized.

I’m still absolutly scared about the idea of needles stabbing into me and how much pain I will be in while getting inked.

I have decided what I want done. I’m just so damn fussy about the design.

There are three main sections of the design that I have to somehow interweve into one. The face needs to be perfect, the wings and body shape.

So I have been searching the Internet for the 3 perfect parts with only some success. The body shape is down pat I’ve decided on the most detailed design. The wings I want them to be elegant and beautiful with some strength, no trible or over powering designs. And the face….. I am having so much trouble with it. What I have found is too sookie/scared face or way to angry and agressive Which doesn’t suit me either. I want tough but not “I’ll bite your head off” tough.

My search will continue until Friday. I’m going to head in with what ideas I do have and hopefully the artist can combine my awesome ideas into one.

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