Betty is never too ugly

Saturday morning I sat down to watch the season final of Ugly Betty. This is a show I have been following for all 4 seasons that has now come to an end.

The charactor development, crazy Willy schemes and even the out of this world fashion laid out upon the screen week after week is amazing. And don’t forget Betty. A not so pretty girl with so many hopes and dreams for her future to come along over the course of the series. Love, Perfect job and a loving family.

The final episiode was a fantastic wined up of all the loose strings that needed to be firmly attached. I can only hope that maybe Lost can do this just a well in a the coming weeks.

Betty has always taught us that striving to be the best person you can be to others and to yourself is what will get you your hopes and dreams.

I will miss Ugly Betty dearly. Still it will be a easier loss than Lost in a few short weeks time.

Mars on Life
RIP Ugly Betty